Why be an ANNAC Member?

  • It Provides You A Means To Receive Your Constitutional Rights In
  • Attending Healing Ceremonies, especially Native American Church indigenous ceremonies that involve sacraments (peyote, ayahuasca, etc) that are otherwise illegal for Non-Members to partake and or be in possession of.
  • Attending and/or utilizing Ceremonies that may or may not use All Nations Native American Church Sacraments in their Ceremonies.
  • It Provides Connections With – Federally recognized Native American Churches that are legally authorized to practice their Spiritual way of life at ease.
    With the purchase of membership the purchaser will receive: 

  • ANNAC Mebership I.D. Card
  • ANNAC Certificate of Authorization

Follow these simple steps to become a member of ANNAC:

1. Click on the Paypal button at the bottom of this page, and set up annual payments

2. Download the Certificate of Membership form and, make 2 copies of the Certificate of Membership form

3. Get 2 copies of the Certificate of Membership form Notarized by a public Notary

4. Send 1 copy of the Notarized Certificate of Membership form to the church to 333 blank st alchemy co 90278

5. Send an email to with the following information

  1. Your Paypal receipt for your annual subscription
  2. Your full legal name
  3. Your date of birth
  4. Your mailing address