All Nations Native American Church is a church for the people, to offer spiritual guidance, comfort and support for the community, also to preserve the ways of prayer with Holy Medicines including but not limited to Peyote, one of our Holy Sacraments in which we pray and worship God in the way we see God through the Holy Medicines including but not limited to peyote, for ourselves, our children, families and all the generations to come may have freedom of religion.

As we and our children are often of mixed blood we of All Nations do not discriminate based on color as to the teaching of god and our Sacred Medicines, show us that they do not. We cannot and will not pass on to our children and community at large or the following generations this separation of color of skin or degree of blood. Our current and following generations are of mostly mixed heritage, race and culture. We are exercising our first amendment rights afforded protection as American citizens to practice our religion with all the freedom that makes America what it is.

All Nations is building a spiritual center in which all nations and races can come and pray at ease.The Spiritual Center will be a place for people of a spiritual nature to meet with others of like mind and share the teachings that they have with the people, so that our children and all the people of All Nations can be educated on different ways of prayer and living in accordance and harmoniously with the world around us. We hold and preserve our ways of prayer through the passing of the information to our future generations so that they may have a personal relationship with God, And a religion that can help them and us be able to build our relationships with god so that they and us can have guidance for all parts of the life we live, even when the generations before us cross over and are no longer there in the physical to look to for guidance.  Aho